Business cards in the digital era!

To help the community adapt to the fundamental changes of the digital era and the rising urge towards going green, we are introducing a revolutionary paperless networking solution accessible through smartphones that uses NFC technology. Network like never before and enable the seamless transfer of information across your devices securely with a single tap. 


We aspire to redefine consumer behavior and propel a digital revolution in the region. Our pioneering founders were the first to introduce digital business cards integrated with NFC technology to the Egyptian market, enabling the fast and reliable transfer of your contact details with one tap.

There used to be a time when everyone used to hand out paper business cards and make all purchases in person. But the time has come to innovate the community’s networking experience. It is our objective to keep intact the main purpose of business cards, by transforming their original use as a networking gesture into an eco-friendly and convenient solution.

We aim to deliver an innovative product that goes hand in hand with our commitment to humankind’s journey to a sustainable Earth. Our mission is to consistently enhance the well-being of our community and the environment while meeting and exceeding customer needs and wants. Collard Cards are a smarter, faster, and cheaper alternative to paper business cards providing a unique and personalised experience to each of our customers.

Our business cards offer the following features:

▪ Customizable branded cards with customer’s logo and design.

▪ Accompanied with a user-friendly profile interface to administer live changes to your details.

▪ Single admin account to manage all card details for corporations and to administer live updates.

▪ Access to data analytics.